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 Some of the Feedback we have received:

From A Counselor at Oakcliff Traditional Theme School
“As a part of our curriculum on safety, I invited Debra Berger and the crew from the Georgia Center for Humane Education (GCHE) to come talk to our students about animal safety. They excited our students and provided an engaging lesson on animal safety. Our students were taught how to approach an unfamiliar animal as well as how to demonstrate to the animal that they are not a threat to them. The students left the assemblysinging an incredibly catchy tune that reinforced the lesson. The presenters were well versed in animal safety.”
From the Apple Academy
“Thank you for your visit to The Apple Academy this afternoon. The children were very excited about your presentation. Later, the children used the coloring pages you left to create comic strips on taking care of pets during the summer months”

From 3 Graders at Dunwoody Springs (Career Day Curriculum)
"Thank you for teaching us about your job. do you want to know what I am going to be when I grow up. I am going to be...a lawyer for animals,  
Sincerly,  Kathy"

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