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Sponsor Spotlight 
Paula Rothman, MD
My love of animals started as a child. I would bring home stray dogs, cats, injured birds. We had a pet duck for a few weeks (neighbors would bring animals to us) so back in the 7th grade I made the connection between the furry and feathered creatures I loved and took care of and the food on my plate.

A class trip to ASPCA in Manhattan was life changing for me. I wanted to help and wanted to bring them all home.  My parents did NOT share my passion. Even in high school we were boycotting pets stores and advocating adoption, I was ahead of my time.

I ran intermittently thru school as time allowed, but it was loss of my
beloved Katrina rescue kitty "Smooch" that brought me back.
Her sudden and tragic death left me bereft, lost and empty. I couldn't run and cry, so I ran whenever I could. In her honor I ran the Atlanta half marathon and raised $5000 for Good Mews, a local no kill cat shelter. That alleviated some of pain, and learned about love, loss and forgiveness.

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